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Welcome to White Base
Welcome to the home of the 13th Autonomous Battle Group.

The 13th Autonomous Battle Group, under special dispensation from Starfleet Command, operates on the Front Lines of the stellar frontier. We act under our own authority to Delay, Distract, and Dispense of any threat to the United Federation of Planets

We are currently seeking new members. We engage in all aspects of the game, be it PVE, PVP or STFs. We strive on working together and solid team-play and encourage anyone to sign up.
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Xenovi Thor added a news entry

Tier 2 Transwarp Gate Construction Commenced!

Great work getting that Gate built guys.
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Tiberius added the character Carnix
Hawke added a new comment in Tier 2 Fabricator Unlocked!
Xenovi Thor added a news entry

Tier 2 Fabricator Unlocked!

Great work everyone getting the Fabricator Constructed. Next weeks goal is the Transwarp Gate!
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Xenovi Thor added a forum thread

Build Discussion

Not sure what powers to use? Unsure how to allocate your skill points? Leave your questions here and I'll be all too happy to help you out.
Joseph added the character Colin
Xenovi Thor added a new comment in Good Work.
Hawke added a news entry

Good Work.

Just wanted to thank everyone for their time and effort working to progress the Starbase. Thank you to everyone
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